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Sabbath School:

Saturdays at 9:20 A.M.

Church Service:

Saturdays at 11:00 A.M.

Old Westbury Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Adventists believe a Trinity of three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, make up one God. They made salvation possible when Jesus, the Son, came to earth as a baby in Bethlehem and lived a sinless life in accordance with the Father's will. When Jesus was crucified for the sins of the people of the world and arose from the dead on the third day, victory was won for everyone.

When He returned to heaven following the resurrection, Jesus left the Holy Spirit to serve as our Comforter and Counselor. He promised to return to earth a second time to complete His plan of salvation and take His people to heaven. Adventists are among the believers who look forward to that day.

Adventists believe that God is concerned with the quality of human life, and that everything - the way we live, eat, speak, think, treat each other, and care for the world around us - is a part of His plan. Our families, our children, our jobs, our talents, our money, and our time are all important to Him.

Seventh-day Adventists believe that God created the heavens and earth in six literal 24-hour days from nothing using His own power.  From His everlasting life he spoke life into all creatures.  But when God made man, the crowning act of His creation, He didn’t speak; rather Jesus knelt down in the dirt and fashioned with His loving hands the human body.  Then using His life-giving breath He brought Adam to life!  (Genesis 1 & 2; John 1:1-5, 14)


We believe that God rested from His work of creation on the last day of creation week, the seventh day.  (See “Why do Adventists Worship on Saturday?”)


We believe that at creation God instituted marriage, a life-long committed relationship between a man and a woman.  In the oneness between two people that marriage brings, the oneness of the Trinity is illustrated in a way humans can understand.  God is one God, the Trinity of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.  (Genesis 1:27-28, 2:20-25; Matthew 3:13-17; 28:18-20)


God has established guiding principles of His kingdom which we are wise to follow.  That God’s way is the best way has been proven over and over again as the way of life, peace, joy, and excitement!  We cannot save ourselves by obedience to God’s laws, but we can save ourselves from the troubles and consequences of sin by giving control of our lives over to our Creator!  (Genesis 2:15-17; Exodus 20; Deuteronomy 5.)


We believe that sin entered this world when Adam and Eve were unwilling to follow God’s instructions.  When man sinned, he gave dominion of this world over to Satan and man became powerless and hopeless.  However, God intervened, and put hatred between man and Satan, allowing us to be drawn toward our Creator God.  Since that time, all humans have been born with a sinful nature, an inclination toward sin that separates us from God, the source of all life, resulting in our eternal death.  We must each make a decision to either continue on in our natural inclination to sin, or to trust in God to help us to live as He designed us to live.  (Genesis 3; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22, Romans 7:14-24).


We believe that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection are the central theme of the entire Bible.  It is because of who Jesus is (God), how He lived (without sin), why He died (to pay the penalty for our sin), and how He took up His life again at the resurrection, that we are given the opportunity to choose life rather than death.  In the Cross, God gives us the invitation to escape death and to live fully and freely.


We believe that Christ ascended to heaven in a cloud after his resurrection.  We believe that Jesus is coming back a second time with glory and power in the same manner as he ascended.  It will be a very bright and noisy event so much so that every eye will see Him and even the ears of his followers who have died will hear His call, and we all will join Him in the clouds.


At this time the righteous are rewarded with eternal life and the wicked die at the brightness of his coming.  During the next thousand years the wicked are dead and Satan and his angels are chained to the earth.  After the 1,000 years God brings the heavenly city to the earth.  He executes the final judgments on the wicked including the evil angels.  He burns up the earth and then recreates a new heaven and a new earth and makes the new earth the center of his universe.  And so shall we ever be with the Lord in our heavenly home.  (Rev. 1:7, 1 Thes. 4:16-17, Rev. 19:11-21:5)


About Seventh-day Adventists

What Seventh-day Adventists Believe

It may seem a little unusual that we have our services on Saturday instead of Sunday.  Allow me to tell you a little story to help you understand this unique practice.


Once upon a time, God decided that He wanted to express His love in a new way.  He had done some creating before.  He had made the angels and other worlds.  All of His creatures loved and served Him, and loved and served each other!  Things were heavenly, seriously!  But something had gone horribly wrong.  One of his most beautiful and talented angels let it go to his head. Lucifer, one of two guardian cherubs, who was in the presence of God constantly, who was in charge of 1/3 of the Lord’s army, and who was in charge of the heavenly choir, became proud.  He began to think that he would be a better ruler of heaven than God, that he should be the one to be worshipped.  He began to think that he could make better decisions if he was in charge.  Well, you can’t have two gods ruling the same territory, so Lucifer lost his place in heaven.  (See Ezekiel 28:11-19; Revelation 12:7-9)


This is where God’s new expression of His love came in.  God decided to create a special race of creatures that would be made in His image, to reflect His image, and to enjoy His constant presence in their lives.  Now the image of the almighty God is quite complex.  This is no simple thing to explain or understand.  Truly it must be experienced.  Well, how can we experience the image of God, so that we can reflect the image of God?  Now, this is the exciting and yet simple part.  God made us to reflect His image by creating us with free will – we are not robots, created to blindly obey our Creator!  So each time we use our free will to choose God, to choose to love Him, and choose to serve Him, we reflect His image.  We make a statement in front of the heavenly hosts, the fallen angels, and the unfallen worlds, that God’s way is the best way!  There is no greater evidence in this great battle between Christ and Satan that God’s way is best than a life fully committed to God.  (See Job 1-2)


When God first created mankind in His image, He expressed His complex, relational image as fully as possible by creating one male and one female.  It is in the life-time committed marriage relationship that God’s image is reflected, for God is in constant relationship, too – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  God so desired to spend time with His creation that He came and walked and talked with Adam and Eve in the garden each evening.  During the day, He had given them work to do - to keep busy, to get exercise, to express their creativity.  They were placed in the Garden of Eden and directed to dress it and keep it.  This was full-time work, and God foresaw the need for men and women to take special time apart from their work to spend time with Him.  He had created them for relationships – with Him and with other humans – and He did not want them to forget about these important relationships.  He knew that there would always be too much work and not enough time, so He created a special day to slow down, to change activities, to not have to perform or accomplish.  He created a day of rest, away from work, where they could spend large quantities of time with Him and each other.  They couldn’t do this every day, but at least once a week they would have an excuse to stop and remember that God created them, that He loves them, and that He wants to be with them.  It was also a day to remember that life is more than just hard work and that it should be fun, relaxing, enjoyable and filled to overflowing with meaningful human relationships.  (See Genesis 1-2)


This is the Sabbath – the seventh day of the week, or Saturday.  God set aside the last day of each week as a special day for us to love and spend time with Him and others!  This is why we worship God on Saturday!  It is a special sign between us and God that He created us, that He redeemed us, and that He is creating His holy image in us!  It is a reminder that we did not create ourselves, that we cannot redeem ourselves, and that we certainly cannot make ourselves holy!  But God can and will do these things for us!  This is why we need the Sabbath!  How easily humans forget that it is God who does all of this for us.  How easily humans forget that God created them – it didn’t happen by evolution.  How easily humans begin to work to earn their own salvation or clean up their own lives and attempt to become holy by their own effort. (Deuteronomy 5:12-15)


This is why Adam and Eve spent time in worship on Saturday.  This is why Abel and Seth worshipped God on Saturday as well as Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, the Israelites, Jesus, the disciples, Paul, and the early Christians, and the Waldensians, and on and on to today!  They wanted to stay close to God!  They needed the reminder that God is our all in all!  That with God all things are possible!  That it is God who has made us perfect forever, just as it is God who is making us holy and has set us aside as His Ambassadors.  (Hebrews 10:14; 2 Corinthians 5:20)


So, why does it matter that humans honor the seventh-day Sabbath, or spend time with God and their fellow man on Saturday, instead of any other day of the week?  It is quite simple really.  God created the earth in six literal 24-hour periods, and then He rested.  Don’t get me wrong here.  He didn’t take a nap; He rested from the work of creating.  And so, in order to help us remember that He created us, He made that last 24-hour period, from sundown on the sixth day to sundown on the seventh day, a very special time for meeting with His created beings and bonding with them.  He knew otherwise we would soon forget that He created us and we would make up all sorts of theories about our origins and begin to serve the created things rather than the creator of the things! (See Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:8-11)


Jesus illustrated the awesome power of the Sabbath while He was here on this earth.  He wanted to show us that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.  He wanted to show us the true intention of the Sabbath, the true purpose of the Sabbath.  You see God’s people had made up all kinds of laws and rules about what to do and not to do on the Sabbath day – even to the point of how far you could walk or how heavy a package you could carry!  They had truly been making up commandments of men and making people believe they were doctrines from God.  But they weren’t!  In an effort to “obey” or “keep” the Sabbath they had lost the whole point of the Sabbath.  What is the point of the Sabbath that Jesus intentionally taught?  That the Sabbath was a special day meant for healing!  Yes, healing – spiritual healing, physical healing, emotional healing, relational healing!  It is a day for God to make us whole, forgive our sins, and free us from the power and result of sin in our lives.  God wants to heal you on His Sabbath day.


Some people have wondered if it really matters to God which day we set aside for worshipping Him.  Wouldn’t Sunday, or Friday, or Tuesday be just as good?  Is the important thing the time with God and man or the day?  Well, according to the Bible, God’s written word for us, it does matter which day.  Let me remind you about the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  There were a whole bunch of trees in the Garden, and two seem to be similar in every way.  However, God said it was okay to eat from one, the Tree of Life, but not okay to eat from the other, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Why one and not the other?  Well, God is the creator, and He gets to call the shots.  He knows what is best for His creation – we certainly don’t!  So, He tries to protect us with guidelines!  You can call them laws or rules or commandments, or whatever you wish, but the bottom line is that God wants to protect us, so He lovingly guides us to make the right choices.  Therefore, for God it matters, and for me that is enough!  (See Genesis 2 & Exodus 20)


We believe that one day soon we will have the opportunity to go and live with God in Heaven (John 14:1-3).  At this time we will get to be in God’s presence all the time!  “Now the dwelling of God is with men, and He will live with them.  They will be His people, and God himself will be with them and be their God.”  (Revelation 21:3).  In the new earth, we will assemble with those from other worlds to worship Him each Sabbath (Isaiah 66:23).  Won’t that be awesome!

Why do we worship on Saturday?